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Avoid moving frauds

Avoid being victim of a moving scamMost Berkshire removal companies are registered and offer a quality safe service. However recently there have been complaints and reports about moving scam. The fraud companies not just meddle with your furniture and household items but there have been reports of serious threat cases where the companies target you for money in return of your items. This case is most common with families moving from one city to another. If you are looking forward to hire Reading or Ascot removals company that is legitimate, below are some tips to avoid scam.


Contact a real estate agent

The general consent between the moving professionals is the feedback and reputation which is the easiest way to find professional Reading removals services. Your relatives, friends and family are always helpful with suggestions. Other than them, a real estate agent is always aware of the happenings in the household industry. Refer to your nearby real estate agent to collect information about good professional moving companies or local Reading man with van services. Select some good sources and contact them.


Investigate and review

Top quality moving servicesOnce you have two to three names in your hand, start investigating about them. Internet being a common business platform can provide you this information as well. Mostly the famous and reputed Reading removal services have their website with all the required information in it. Not just can you see the company’s portfolio but reviews regarding its business. Using Google search engine you can easily find some famous sites that black lists the fraud companies. Here you can also read reviews about the good quality assured professional house removal services as well as about reliable local Ascot man and van services.

Other than that, always ask your company to show you their registered documents or license. Never be afraid to ask this, you are risking your possessions in the hands to some strangers. Also ask for some portfolio and a review about their successful moving cases.


Keep your options

If it is your first experience don’t be satisfied with the first company you meet. Visit at least two to three companies for a comparison of cost and services. Some companies offer a few services but charge you equal to the ones who are offering twice as much services. It is always wise to have more than one option for cost saving and efficient decision making.

Although a professional company would offer this but if they don’t ask them to send a representative to your house to see the size of your items. According to your furniture they will draft moving costs estimate including all extra charges.

A good company will counsel you with by answering all your questions. Efficiently they will answer your questions followed by tips to pack and move the furniture and how it must be loaded. Also visit their warehouses and storage room where they will keep your items.

The sign of a fraud company is that they will never answer your questions clearly. Your question will be rotated to a 360 degree angle without an appropriate answer.  If you are not convinced, never take the risk.


Sing moving agreement

Sign moving agreementA moving company contract must give you a draft of details that is clear and includes all the taxes and extra charges. Discuss with the company about not paying any hidden charges later like the drivers fee etc.

If you have covered all these factors chances are you are safe from being a victim of a fraud moving company. If you are moving within the city, travel along with the moving companies to be very safe. This also helps you keep an eye on your items and safely remove them to their new destination. 

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