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Buying or renting a home

Moving to a new place and plan to live on their own account, but how? Before you start organizing your removals you need to decide if you are going to rent house or buy your own. The possibilities are at least two: the rental or purchase of housing (mortgage). Which option is better? The answer to this question is not the easiest. Let's look closer the issue. You have to take into account several aspects, both lifestyle-related, the employment status and those directly related to costs. The variability of the purchase price of real estate, as well as the related costs of hiring, further complicates the matter.


Buying a house – mortgage

SoldMany young people tempted by the thought of an early buying their own homes. Until recently, the amount of monthly mortgage repayments was similar to rental prices, which made the decision to incur a mortgage loan was easier. The current housing prices and interest rates make the monthly payment significantly exceeds the amount of rent. Mortgage repayment period of the decades, is associated in some way of the restriction of 'freedom'. For many the thought of financial obligations over the next 20-30 years is very difficult to accept. Until recently it was said that 'buying a property you cannot lose' and the increase in value is almost sure and always will be possible to sell profitably property purchased on credit. However, it seems that the sharp rise in prices in recent years has exhausted the possibilities, and at least for the next few years, severely limited movement in that direction.

The main factor for the purchase of housing by young people is price. About how prices have changed in major cities over the last 3-4 years, do not need to convince anyone. Considering the desire to purchase a house on a mortgage should be aware of the additional costs associated with the loan, we need to incur in person. The existence of such costs, people applying for a loan, often have no idea. Additional expenses may be up to 5% of the price. The exact amount that you must have, thinking about buying your own apartment depends of course on the price of housing and bank credit terms and conditions.

Sometimes it is worth considering the option of buying a house suitable for slight renovation. In general, propert suitable for renovation can be purchased at a bargain price and the cost of house decoration or renovation does not have to be very high. As a result, you can enjoy your own home even with a low budget.


Rental - is not cheap

Rising from the years housing prices translate directly into the cost of renting. Analyzing data from the rental market for the last year, it can be concluded that the cost of renting a home (as did rooms) increased in each of the major cities in the UK. According to experts, is expected to further increase in rental costs. It is connected also directly with the increase in the cost of servicing loans (raising interest rates due to rising inflationary pressures). Landlords try to cover the cost of monthly mortgage instalments incurred on their purchases using income from rented premises.


Renting vs mortgage

Moving and rentingGalloping in recent years, housing prices have caused that purchase of an apartment on the mortgage is a very serious monthly obligation. The high cost of 'credit' and charges cause lower availability of this type of solution for some people. Benefits Of Hiring result from the fact that it is not associated with any costs beyond the initial bail.

Owning your own home, in some sense limits the mobility of people who are beginning to build their careers. The decision about moving house and live in another city, for example in connection with a proposal to better jobs, certainly would be easier in the case of tenants, because it does not involve moving out (sale or rental) of your dream house. In this area, renting is seen as an option to keep a much larger 'financial freedom'. In case of moving from rented property you will have less stuff to move, what will result in cheaper prices from Reading removals or Berkshire man and van firms.

Although the tenancy will always remain someone's property, but the independence of financial institutions is decisive advantages of such a solution. Well-constructed tenancy agreement significantly can protect the tenant by a sudden increase in costs. The landlord, in contrast to the bank is a party, with whom you can discuss and negotiate the rent.

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