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How to help your child to survive the move?

All living beings, both animals and people get used to their place of residence and any change is not easy. Everyone appreciates and takes care of his family house, but according to statistics about 70% of families moving to a better and more comfortable housing if the opportunity arises.

Even adults often identify removals as a disaster, and for the child moving out of the family home is a real stress. In this article we will focus on some essential guides from Wokingham removals companies and following them you can avoid common problems when moving with kids and replace stressful move into a pleasant journey into the future.


Engage your child in the move

Engage kids with moving tasksThe child should be informed in advance about the upcoming changes. The child should also be involved in the preparations for the move. Let him choose a room, wallpaper, furniture, and then move will be associated with adventure, in which the whole family participates. With a small child you can play in the "move". Dolls relocate to a new home, you first have to build or make repairs, bring and space out furniture, pack things and then unpack and sort out all the cabinets.

Ahead of time you need to prepare boxes of various sizes, adhesive tape, markers. On the boxes you can stick colored stripes, showing which room particular box comes from. The same strips stick to the doors in the new home. You'll notice that your child is willing to take part in this action.


Children's room as the last to move

The stuff of children’s room is best pack at the end. And of course, the child also is involved in the packaging. Prepare bags, nice colorful boxes, to which your child will be able to put own things. However, favorite toys and books is better to pack in the absence of the child so that the child is not worried that someone takes his stuff forever. Do not pack your child's favorite toys into the boxes with other things. The most valuable from the point of view of children's toys should be at hand. They may be needed on a long journey to a new home, and shall be easily available when you arrive at your destination. If it is possible try to arrive to your new house ahead of Wokingham man and van team, this way your kids will have a chance to explore new home before  each room will be covered in boxes.


Childcare on moving day

Think about who will take care of the children on the removals day. For the safety of your children it is better if they stay with grandparents or other relatives. If for some reason they have to stay at home, they should be warned about what will happen during moving day, so the strangers who take kids toys and did not induce any fear.
Think about breakfast in the new apartment. It is doubtful that the next morning you'll be looking for a nearby store to do some shopping. So for the first day in the new house, you might want to prepare some sandwiches, yogurt, fruits, tea or juice.

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