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How to find good Reading removal company

Good movers - easy moveMoving is often one of the most stressful experiences that we face in life. The entire process of packing our belongings, leaving existing homes and moving to a new place is stressful enough, and if we yet add to it entrusting our belongings for complete strangers - this causes the stress level is increasing rapidly. The problem is that we don’t have a tendency to move often and therefore do not get used to the process. Most of us are novices when it comes to moving house or office. But don’t panic, here you can find out more about the most difficult part of the process - choosing right Berkshire removals company to make your move easy.

Choosing a good moving company is difficult. We've all heard horror stories from friends and family about the suspicious firms. Thus, it is necessary as soon as possible to distinguish good Reading removal companies from the bad ones.  Wherever you live, you can be sure that at least a few different moving companies just waiting to help you.  Your most difficult task is to choose the one right for you - because it's obvious that you choose properly. A wrong choice can cost you time, money and health (and even make heart attack). Choosing the right moving company is often an individual case and your decision should be tailored to your current needs.


Scope of moving services

Man carry box Nowadays, moving firms can offer you a wide range of services. They can include packaging, selling or renting of materials to packaging, unpacking and storage (storage services). Some companies offering full house removals, will be reponsivle for packing your private gears, carrying them to new location, unpacking it in your new home and even do all the cleaning after relocation, all in accordance with your instructions. These extra services can cost you more, so if you just need somebody to pick up your belongings and transport it to the new location, probably you should use Berkshrie man and van services instead of hiring large removal firm and overpaying for services you don’t need.

To make the best choice you need to think about what you require from the moving company and before making quote request you should make a short list with the answer to the following questions:

  • what is your preferred moving date
  • if you want to move locally, over long distance or planning overseas shipping from Berkshire
  • if you need help with packing, you want to rent / buy packing materials or if you pack itself
  • whether you need to transport valuables or fragile, delicate things
  • do you simply need to rent a van or need man with a van in Reading
  • if you need storage services
  • how much stuff you have
  • if you need insurance

Such list will help you get the best rates, of course if very carefully decide what you need.


Avoid short notice removals

You should start planning a move in advance and choose a moving company at least 4-8 weeks before the move. Most reliable and solid companies have booked dates even for a few weeks, so if you wait too long to make a decision, you will have less choice of moving companies. Thus, it is far better to choose a moving company at least a few weeks before moving and book your preferred date.


Recommendations,  reputation and reviews

The best way to find a reliable movers are recommendations and good reputation. If someone you know had a good experience with any Berkshire moving firm, make good use of it. However, you  still have to be careful. If a local Wokingham man and van team successfully moved your mother in law at the other end of it does not mean that the crew will have the skills, resources and expertise to undertake your international removals . Talk to a real estate broker, who should be able to recommend you experienced and proven company.


Compare, negotiate, sing a contract

Good choiceBefore you make a decision you should see at least 2-3 deals. Here, with the help comes our site, use it to compare up to 5 companies what allows you to select the cheapest and the best moving firm. Do not look only on price but also on what is included in the price. It may be more cost effective to pay a little more, but have more services.

Do not be afraid to ask how long they work in the industry, their experience or references. Ask how long it takes them to carry your things. Find out about insurance - what services are insured and what damages are covered.

Never choose a moving company that does not have adequate insurance. It is also important to have an agreement in writing and make sure you understand exactly how the contract works. This is the moment in life when we need to carefully read the small print written in form.

Think about negotiating terms and prices. You'll find a wide range of tariffs, services and different types of cost calculation. Some moving companies charge a hourly rate or mileage rate, some calculate the price based on the size of the current property, others prefer to  estimate the volume of your move by asking about amount of furniture and goods that you want to carry, and still others provide prices on the basis of the weight of the cargo.

When you read the contracts and the conditions of different companies you will be ready to make the right choice. You can simply choose a company based on lowest price, or choose ones that suits you best. After the decision will probably be asked to sign a preliminary contract. It's a good idea because both sides will know what to expect from each other. Now you just need to prepare for the day of the move. Just do not forget to call the moving firm for a few days before your relocation and confirm the job.

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