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Fridge moving

Transportation refrigerator or freezer is a task that requires knowledge of a few basic methods. You should read our instruction how to prepare fridge to removals in right way. We can give you some tips and ideas how to transport it safely. Moving companies always do it vertically and we suggest you to do the same. We realize that some people want to carry on fridge on their own  and we would like to share our knowledge with you. Below are some important information that should be noted when you moving heavy items on your own.


Preparing for transport

Empty fridgeBefore your relocation you should avoid big shopping and filling your fridge with the large amount of food. Please note that once thawed products generally are not suitable for re-freezing. Full fridge before removals is an extra trouble because we have to pack the food products as well. In addition, some products whose packaging has been opened, such as milk, yogurt, ham, cheese,  may spoil during a few hours of transport especially in warm temperature.

You need remember that it is crucial to defrost and drain the fridge freezer at least a day before the move. You should also remove all loose items and secure them and pack into separate box. By doing this you avoid any damages to interior of your refrigerator. Close the refrigerator door and prevent it from opening during transport. For this purpose you can use a special tape that doesn’t leave any traces on the surface after removal.


Carrying fridge down the stairs

Fridg on dolleyWhen moving fridge down stairs we recommend that minimum 2-3 people should be involved. Cooperating efficiently double team is able to get even the very heavy fridge downstairs within couple of minutes. First, move the refrigerator away from the wall and then put it on a special moving trolley and secure with moving straps. Remember to place it in upright position. If you have to transport it in horizontal position you should do it at an angle to avoid compressor oil from flowing to the cooling tubes. It is recommended that one man should handle the trolley and another two should secure the bottom of the fridge. Move it slowly down, one step after another. Load it to the truck and tie it down with special straps to avoid displacement of the fridge during the journey to new location.

After successful delivering to your new house you should allow it to sit for few hours before plugging it in. This is needed to allow for all its liquids to flow back. You should be aware that fridge will function normal after couple of days.


Professional moving firm

A lot of people moving fridge on their own, however if you think that such task may be too complicated for you or you are do not have anyone who could assist, we advise you to get in touch with professional removal companies in Reading area. They cope with such jobs every day and will be pleased to offer you their support, at the same time ensuring that nothing will be damaged and the job will be done on time. If you have low budget you should also consider Reading man and van services which sometimes offer cheaper services as they specialize in small removals, especially in delivering any kind of household goods.

You shouldn't move your fridge this way:

Moving fridge on bike

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