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Heavy item removals

AttentionTransportation of all heavy objects like pianos, fridges, wardrobes, involves some special techniques and rules. Improper lifting technique can lead to some injuries to you or others. First of all, it is essential to lift heavy items using proper technique of lifting. To prevent the movement of heavy loads during transport, it is crucial to use special straps and have knowledge of how to properly tie it down. Appropriate location of the load in the cargo area will ensure that all heavy items will stay in the same place during the transport . Moving vehicles should be lined with carpet coverings and have special side moldings to allow fastening objects to them.


Piano removals

Moving pianoThere must be a special care when transporting pianos or other musical instruments. Such relocations require some experience and knowledge about safe piano moving methods as transporting it  carries with it a lot of responsibility.  All pianos are quite heavy and you should have proper manpower  on hand to be able to transport it so the best if you find appropriate piano moving company from Reading. To avoid damages, it should be moved on its side on special piano dolly, pushing of a piano on its casters it is not good solution.  It is very useful to have vehicle equipped with loading ramps or tail lifts. Sometimes before starting the transport  some musical instruments it is necessary to dismantle and secure them using special blankets. It is also important to maintain proper moisture condition, both when carrying instruments in the vehicle, as well as during subsequent storage in a warehouse. There is a lof of firms in Reading offering piano removals 



Safe removals and heavy cabinets transport

During moving a safe, heavy fire-proof data cabinets or server cabinet except off skills, proper techniques and safety aspects, it is important to preserve confidentiality due to the unique nature of such relocation. Removal companies follow the rules of loyalty to the client and safety during transport, which ensures customers complete satisfaction with such services. For such removals customers are usually banks, jewelers, lawyer offices etc.

Each professional company should have specialist lifting equipment to be able to move a safe including:

  • dollies,
  • rollers,
  • lifting bars,
  • pallet jacks
  • pipes,
  • plywood and blankets (to protect the floor or carpet)

Vehicles with cranes may be also useful to load or unload heavy items for man and van.

You need to be aware that some of the old safes contain asbestos and need to be disposed so if you need such service you may have to pay some additional costs.


Laboratory, Server cabinets and machinery removals

Analyzer cabinets, large computer cabinets, laboratory equipment  are usually delicate and expensive items so it is why transport companies employ workers with a lot of experience in heavy items lifting techniques as well as focused on their tasks. Small errors and minor inattention during transport can lead to serious damage to often expensive equipment, it is why employees undergo trainings and health and safety courses.  Secure laboratory equipment removal require usage of dedicated lifting tools due to large dimensions and heavy weight.

Server cablesA server relocation is quite complex task and the key factor to successful data center relocation is good planning. Especially when it is international removals. It allows to perform job quickly and minimize servers shutdown time. Professional company should deliver the following services:

  • packing and transporting IT equipment – switches or servers should be wrapped with bubble wraps and packed into dedicated cases and transported to the destination
  • de-racking and re-racking – remove equipment from the rack and mount it back into the rack
  • de-cabling and re-cabling – remove all cables and make appropriate documentation than re-cable it according to the plan


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