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Easy House Moving Tips

Moving house is a tedious task and some useful tips on the move will help anyone moving homes with the family. The tips are right from the preparation for the move to the time of the settling down in the new home useful tips can be always handy if you are moving for the first time. No matter if you are moving with professional removal company or hire van in Berkshire and moving on your own, you should have some basic knowledge about moving home.


Make a List of Your Moving Requirements

Happy familyBefore you start with the procedure in moving even months ahead you should first make a list of everything that needs to be done. Planning home removals and maintaining a detailed lists of what things have to be packed and even after packing do mark in the list in what containers what kind of items are packed. Maintain a list makes it easier for you to carry on the moving in a hassle free and easier way.

If you are considering packing your items yourself make sure you have plenty of cartons and boxes. The needs usually exceeds than your imagination. If you are buying the cartons from Reading removal companies they usually refund for the unused boxes but if you have got them from local stored you can give it back or just toss them away. Have some boxes set aside for the last minute items to be packed also. The boxes should be sealed with strong plastic tapes and then loaded for transit.


Make Use of Wardrobe Boxes

Items such as your pillows, blankets and even clothes can be transported as they are ironed and handing in wardrobe boxes. This is a much better choice than crumpling up your ironed clothes.  By contacting your Wokingham removals services provider and asking the width of the wardrobe boxes they provide and measuring the quantity of clothes and other bulky items you have you can decide the number of wardrobe boxes you require.  But on filling your cartons do not make them too heavy.


Color Coordination

This is the best tip you want the right items to be placed without any hassle in your new home. You can choose colors for different places of your house as red for kitchen, blue for master bedroom yellow for living room, pink for the daughters’ room and blue and so on. Paste colored stickers in the box beside the box numbers and also do not forget to pt colored matching stickers in the doors of your new home. Now the removal man services will know where to put each boxes saving you the trouble.


Safeguarding Your Items

Packing and securingYour valued possession though will be handling with intensive care by the professional movers it is still the best when you have them with you. Items such as your jewels, antiques and collections can be transported in your own car but on lacking space put them in a carton and label as ‘kitchen stuff’ and put in the lorry. But you can also contact the homeowner’s insurance cover and also the necessary paperwork needed in case of loss.

You can also have a small luggage of your personal and immediate needed belongings as you resettle in the new house. Items such as your brush, soap, towels and also a dress would go onto this. Do not put into the truck but carry with you in the car. And also each member of the family should have their own luggage box. 

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