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Self storage prohibited items

What cannot be stored?Companies for self storage things or products have specific guidelines that indicate that there are specific things that you cannot put in self storage. Some of these do not need one to be a rocket scientist just to know them, even though some people have different understanding when it comes to self-storage. You can ask your local Berkshire removal companies for some advice on this topic or read on this article for you to determine the things that you cannot put in self-storage.

Perhaps you are in the middle of your Reading removals planning and you have just discovered how many things you don’t need to move to your new location but you don’t want to get rid of. Perect solutions is to hire Reading storage or self storage unit. Keep in mind that not all things or items are allowed to be stored in self storage. Even though, it is your stuff or things anyways, it is important to know the items that you are just allowed to put in the self storage. These are just simple things that you need to remember all the time when renting self-storage units.


Perishables Items

FoodThis is perhaps most renters of self storage unit overlook most of the time. When it comes to perishable items these are food items for you and even pet, it should not be kept in the storage. Keep in mind that aside from rotting food items, insects and mice will surely get there to take a bite. Additionally, they will not just get through these food items, but also other things or appliances or furniture that is in danger to damage. When you put food items, you are telling bacteria and mold to proliferate, which can be dangerous to health if not addressed right away.



Even though this is self-explanatory, some people think that they can use self-storage to put live or dead animals on their storage unit.  Putting your pet like dog, cats, snake and other animals in the self storage is not ideal as this is a form or cruelty. Confining them to an area without light and ventilation can affect their health. Dead animals are also not permitted as they can attract insects, pest and diseases. This is illegal, so make sure to properly dispose the animal, especially the dead ones.

It worth nothing that plants are not prohibited but is there any point to moving home plants into the storage?  In these harsh conditions, they will not survive long.


Stolen Items

Do not put stolen or hot items in your unit. Again, it does not need one to be an expert to know or understand this statement. If such item is reported stolen, then you can surely get into a deep trouble with this.


Hazardous Chemicals or Materials

Bio-hazardHazardous chemicals and materials are strictly prohibited as they can be very hazardous to the environment. These are flammable gasoline, toxic chemicals, gases, corrosive materials, cleaners, paints, fertilizers, motor oils, lamp, kerosene, propane tanks, compressed gas and others. This is because these chemicals or materials should be placed in its applicable place.



Prohibited drugs like marijuana, cocaine and others are not allowed to store. They are not just dangerous health but the government strictly prevents this to proliferate. If proven that you are storing drugs, then expect that the authorities will hunt you down.



Obviously, people are not allowed to be kept in self storage, whether it is alive or dead. This will be considered as a crime if you put a human being in storage unit. Any person dead or alive has the right not to be enclosed in such space.

In conclusion, if you are planning on renting a self-storage unit, it is very important to know the rules and guidelines of the company. Not following the guidelines or rules, the company has the right to take the unit and charge you with fines for not agreeing with their policy. 

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