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Moving book collection

Book caseIn almost every house there are books, some are very small files, but there are families whose home library grows from generation to generation, sometimes occupying the whole rooms. No matter the size of collection, in the case of the upcoming removals in Berkshire, it is important to know how to prepare and transport books.  Customers quite often have difficulties in finding good source of information about packing and moving books. Some of them are trying to find some tips  by visiting websites of Berkshire removal companies but usually they find just general guides about packing.  However by hiring good moving company you can avoid these worries, because specialists will take care of this for you, but if you moving on your own, you should take a look at a few basic principles.

Some people ask if we can recommend any company that could deliver large collection of books bought on ebay or in a bookstore. We usually advise to hire on of Berkshire man and van firm as they specialize in single item moves and store collections.  


Tips for packing books

Packing boxFor packing books the best suited are small boxes. Books are heavy and packing too many books to the big boxes could result in disintegration bottom of the box when moving. Large boxes filled with books may also be too heavy to carry. You should select books according to size, which should be laid horizontally in stacks of the same size and any free space should be filled with foam chips or paper. Cartons should also be sealed with solid tape. In the case of old books or having an extremely valuable setting, it should be also wrapped in paper or bubble wrap.
When you moving with children you should pack your child's books into separate boxes. You may need to have instant access to kids favourite books when you arrive into your new home. 


Labelling and inventory

Careful labelling of cartons is really important, especially in for bigger collections. It is extremely helpful when unpacking and allows to restore the bookcase in the same order. It is also strongly recommended to make some inventory of the contents of each crate or box. You will certainly want to keep your collection in the same order in your new home, so you should spend a little more time to carefully inventory and labeling.

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