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Moving plants

Plants potPlants are fragile - they have subtle leaves, delicate flowers, slender stalks. Moving can be a trauma for the plants, so you should do everything that they survived the move intact, with no damage and  things that may harm them. That is why the owner should do everything to take care of all the plants in order to be sure that they won`t be broken or damaged during your Berkshire removals. Plants must be well protected, wrapped in foil and paper, fastened with rubber bands or otherwise combined to twigs to not suffered the slightest damage. They should be shielded in order to rain and wind do not damage their delicate stems, not weakened twigs and shoots. Usually Reading removal company workers are very careful but just in case it's definitely worth to prepare the plants for moving. The plants are very fragile, and any damage can lead to the fact that the plant will wither and we will not enjoy it anymore. The flowers need to be take care, which not everyone remembers, but you can always make the owners of the plant aware of it.


Prepare plants for moving

Carrying flower potPlants should not be watered and fertilized on the move day, because it weakens them, and besides, the water may spill out of pots and drip into the boxes and on others  transported  things. Best that you can do is to put them  in plastic pots,  because they are lightweight and not susceptible to damage as ceramic ones. Small potted plants can be inserted into the cardboard, and protected with paper.

Before the plant will be packed, see if there are diseases and pests, water them after their arrival at the new place, never before the move, because the water will leak and destroy the packaging. All plants secure so that soil is not spilled out of the pots. Potted flowers take the last, and bring  first in order  to not expose them to contact with atmospheric conditions, like wind, rain, frost and heat. In the new place flowers should be set at a good temperature and light, remembering what serves to their species of plants. Do not carry a plant without such protection paper and carton, without protection from frost, rain and wind.


How to transport plants

To conclude, plants belong to the most delicate things to carry. They need care, good packaging and solid bonding with gentle string. Otherwise it can  lead to damage of our flowers. Thus, why it is so important to carefully prepare delicate plants for transporting so before you start packing flowers,  gather strings, transparencies and cartons. It is worth noting that some of the pots are very heavy, especially for large plants, so be sure to read the tips on moving heavy things. It will be certainly very useful to pack everything, not just flowers. That's why it`s good to have materials for packing and to do this solid and with the most care. You can put on flowers  plastic bags and in this way protect their crowns, or twigs. You can wrap flowers in delicate paper to protect it in its entirety. The possibilities are many, we just have to plan the work. If we do not trust Wokingham removal companies, it is best to do it by ourselves.


Moving plants vs buying new

Transport you plants to new homePlants do not tolerate harsh weather conditions and we still want to  enjoy the beauty and charm of ours flowers.  That is why carrying out plant is difficult - the more plants, the more effort, more packing and care. And not everyone can afford, therefore some people throw away plants or give them to their friends. If you decide to buy new flowers for a new apartment and you do not need to fear that the plants will be damaged during transport. It is some solution, but not everyone approves of them.  Some people get used to the plants,  and they like to have all the time the same flowers. And this is quite normal, human habit, so usually people prefer to pack own plants and carry them to a new place of residence or work - after all, more and more flowers are in offices and other public places they add beauty. Another issue it, if you are buying or renting a house? If you buying new home you will have a lot of space for your plants, but if you decided to rent a home there might already be some plants so be sure to check if you can find a place for your own plants.


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