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Moving in retirement

RetirementSome countries have better environment for retirees than others. If you are about to retire, and planning your Reading removals, it is important that you move to any of countries with suitable environment for retired individuals. There are a number of factors that are considered in rating countries for retirement. Some of the factors considered include the general cost of living, the cost of food items and groceries, the temperature, the cost of home or renting, the hospitality of the locals, real estate investment opportunities, the standard of living, the taxes and utility costs. These factors put together will determine whether a country is good for retirement or not. Based on these factors and some statistics from Reading shipping firms, here are some of the top countries to move in when you are retired.


Moving to Panama

PanamaPanama is ranked first by Forbes in the list of top countries suitable for retirement. The country offers an awesome combination of value and variety. It is officially known as the Republic of Panama. The country is located at the southernmost part of Central America. It has boundary in the west with Costa Rica, in the southeast with Colombia, in the north with Caribbean and in the south with Pacific Ocean. It makes use of USD. The country has one of the working and affordable healthcare systems. Life in the country is interesting and enjoyable. There are beaches surrounding the pacific coast with amazing waves for surfing. The beaches are also good for swimming. Foreigners have right to own property just as citizens do.


Removals to Ecuador

Ecuador is another top rated country where you can plan removals to when you are retired. It is a South American country. When it comes to lifestyle, Ecuador offers visitors amazing varieties. It has a temperate climate and surrounded by sunny beaches, historic colonial cities, college towns with rich cultural heritage and temperate mountain villages. Another good aspect of this country that makes it good for retirement is that they people are highly hospitable.


Moving to Malaysia

MalaysiaMalaysia is rated the third best country to retire by Forbes. It is an Asian. Though, English is the not the official first language of the country, it is widely spoken in the country. UK retirees or English speaking retirees moving to the country will not encounter much communication problem. If you are looking for a country where things are highly affordable, Malaysia should be in your list. You can step up your lifestyle just with a budget of $1,700 per month. Malaysia My Second Home is a program offered by the country which allows a visitor to remain in the country with a 10 years social visa. At the expiration of the visa, foreigners who wish to extend their stay can also renew it.  Visitors are also allowed to own property just like the indigenes. There is also excellent healthcare system.


Retirement in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another country suitable for retirement. It is best known for their quality and affordable health care system. The country has been welcoming expatriates for more than 30 years. It has one of the most stable democracies across the world and it has no military. There is public security in the country. The weather of the country is simply fantastic. It has a warm weather throughout the year. Whether you are on tight budget or not, you will definitely be able to buy a home according to your financial ability. Foreigners resident in the country are allowed to own properties. The immigration department has retiree program known as Pensionados. If you earn up to $1,000 per month from your social security fund, then you are eligible to apply for this type of visa category. If you have a family, it does not require each of you to earn $1,000 per month. Costa Rica is a nice option for retiree that like observing nature, flora and fauna. It has numerous reserved areas and national parks. It is known for its biodiversity. There are also different volunteer opportunities.


Moving to Spain from Reading

Retirement in SpainSpain is the hottest retirement destination in the Europe. The country offers the best bargain in the entire Europe. The cost of living in Spain is as low as those of Latin-American Countries but it is highly developed more than the Latin American countries. The cost of real estate in Spain has drastically dropped owing to the global economic meltdown. So, you can buy a house at an affordable price.

The above are some of the top rated countries to move in retirement. There are other good countries especially Latin-American countries where you can move in retirement.

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